I’m Here To Help.

During my absence, I completed a doctorate on the portrayal of evil in Fantasy Literature for young people. It temporarily took my attention away from what I am passionate about: Talking about books with young readers.

Because I write for young people, I read a lot of books. Some I love, some I like, and some I just don’t get.  In these posts, I intend to give readers, parents, and teachers useful information about a book, rather than a book review,  although sometimes I can’t help but tell you how I feel about a book. I rate what I’ve read on the facts so that you will know just what you or the young people who are entrusted to your care will be getting into when reading a book.

My intent is to be clear, concise and reliable — not to censor. Let’s face it, there are a lot of really great books out there. And there are a lot of books that are worth reading even if the content might not be right for a particular reader at a particular point in time. Every week new books are released, but sometimes it helps to have information on the ones a reader is just now ready to read. I hope that the information I offer will help you make informed decisions about books for the  young people they know and love.

As reasonable people will disagree, my ratings will fall more on the conservative side. I hope that if you find yourself disagreeing, you will leave a polite, respectful reply so that my readers can judge for themselves whether a book is the kind of thing they think they or their children will enjoy.

Thanks for visiting.