There Will Come A Darkness, by Katy Rose Pool


There will come a DarknessThe first installment of this intriguing series from Katy Rose Pool has much to offer fans of YA fantasy. The multi-voice novel peers into the struggles of those who are “Graced” who have been targeted for elimination by a sect of the “Ungraced.” Complicating things further is the overthrow of the King and Queen whose heir, Hassan, believes he is the end of the line of his inherited reign, and the revelation of the “Last Prophet,” who must rise to prevent the coming age of Darkness. The complex narrative weaves the lives of six young people as they fight to survive. Each of the deeply envisioned characters faces unique and truly original dilemmas. From Hector Navarro who forsakes his oath to the Keepers of the Light because he has finally found the “Pale Hand,” who is responsible for the death of his family, to Hassan the prince who has escaped from the usurper of his parents’ kingdom, to the desperately afraid Anton, who is running from those who would kill him because of a vision he had as a young boy. In the process of revealing the inner lives of these fascinating characters, Pool explores the cost of betrayal, and what we would sacrifice to keep those we love alive.